This blog is about a trip I did in Vietnam: getting there, going through the country, stopping at some of the main destinations, and the journey back to where I’m currently living in China. I also met a variety of people from a variety of backgrounds – tourists mostly – which shows what a diverse world we live in. So it’s not just about travel but about life as it is on the tourist trail with an added incentive to see some of the real Vietnam.
Having read varied and conflicting reports on the web and heard elsewhere about the country being the worst in Indochina for targeting Western tourists with scams of all sorts, I wanted to find out for myself if that is true.
On the way back, I met a young German guy who’d also been to the country. His short response was: “Vietnam was sh*t.”
I could not possibly disagree with him more. I had one of the most interesting, enlivening and unique experiences one could have while travelling, not to mention the people – both Vietnamese and foreigners – I met on the trip. Hopefully, these blog posts will illustrate this avidly.
I wanted to find a platform to write about my experiences while travelling. I enjoy writing, and this particular venture has given me the opportunity to present different types of writing which, I hope, will benefit a wide range of readers and people with different aspirations or backgrounds.

I’m now on Twitter: @FlingandFlung


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