Some Things I Might Have Done Differently….

Travel Memorabilia - Vietnamese

I think this blog, unless I’ve anything pertinent to add, has hit a dead-end. I’ll try to keep it going, but tell your friends, once you’ve read it, to keep the hits and views coming.
I thought, I’d mention a few things which might have made my trip through Vietnam and back more enjoyable, although no matter how and where you travel, it’s about taking chances; finding the freedom to observe, to see, to get a feel for things, without judgement or prejudice – just that. And about rediscovering in the Bard’s words, ‘that undiscovered country,’ about finding out. It’s also an opportunity to take a welcome break from worries, distractions and stresses which less of us are finding, but others are.
The more one tends to travel, the more one never fails to be amazed at the lies, b/s and distorted propaganda about the world spread abroad from the media and by the so-called famous and powerful. The rest of us who aren’t in the public eye continue to live the reality.

1. I would have done map and more research of Hanoi which might have lessened the dark jungle effect I experienced when first arriving.
2. I would have booked a quieter – and perhaps cheaper – Halong Bay Cruise from another agency, more suited to my tastes and the place.
3. I should have hired more motor bike tours to see more of the real Vietnam. After all, it’s only paper.
4. Using plenty of sunscreen in hot places like Mui Ne is only common sense.
5. I would have booked a day tour of the Mekong Delta from Saigon before catching the train To Hanoi.
6. I could have stayed in more single room accommodation.
7. I would have acknowledged the response from the young bus assistant and shook his hand when he noticed my amusement on the way between Nha Trang and Mui Ne towards the motor bike banana sellers instead of treating him as though he wasn’t there.

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