As Returned…Wenzhou, Wet and Murky

College Campus - Main Part

The conditions in which these two pictures were taken, where I’ve been ‘teaching’ English for the past year, bares no resemblance to the conditions I returned to find Wenzhou in: cold, dreary and wet. Much like the outward journey.
One of the drivers frustrated and cursed at the heavy traffic, before he got the bus back safely into the bus station. As soon as I’d found a pair of laces to replace one that had become seriously frayed due to the pressure of taking my shoes off and putting them back on to get off during the bus journey, it was back to the college campus. Boring, lifeless and dull wouldn’t be an inappropriate description. So I was glad I went away after all, otherwise a segment of my life would have been wasted.
So long Vietnam, welcome back to Wenzhou.
‘Welcome….’ Are you sure?
I mean it. The college grounds were as silent as the grave.

Looking across to Wenzhou University

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